ZIP LOCK BAGS Various Sizes Resealable Plastic Bags


ZIP-LOCK BAGS Resealable Plastic Bag Containers

Sizes :-

2″ x 3″

3″ x 4″

4″ x 6″

5″ x 8″

6″ x 9″ (A5 size)

7″ x 10″

9″ x 12″ (A4 size)

Zip-lock bags have a vast variety of usages and is popularly well-known to all. Simple and easy to use, seal up your items in a professional manner while preventing them from slipping out. Once properly sealed it becomes air-tight and protects your items from dust, water, insects & etc.

 We sell high quality zip-lock bags and all kinds of packing materials.

For custom size or bulk order, kindly contact us.


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