POLYSTYRENE STYRO FOAM Sheet Board Various Thickness & Density


POLYSTYRENE FOAM Sheet Boards Various Grades & Sizes for Protection, Layering, Insulation & Industrial Usages

Standard Size : 2 feet W  x  4 feet L (various thickness and sizes custom make)

Standard Density : 0.75 pcf (up till 2 pcf custom make)


Introducing the Polystyrene Foam in Sheet/Board form. They come in packs of varying quantities depending on the thickness chosen. With soft foam cushioning the Polystyrene Foam is commonly used as protective material layering in many industries from fish tanks to equipment protection. Also used as a versatile pin-up board or as architectural design and art material due to its easy to cut and mould nature. Providing decent space insulation they are a economical alternative for various industries as well. Higher compact tough grades and sizes are tailormade for more specific usages and applications, from all kinds of industries from construction to farming, advertising to flooring.

An example of the protective uses of Polystyrene Foam Packing Sheets to protect your valuable goods. Use them together with Bubble Wrap, Stretch Film, Tape, Boxes and other Packing Materials to make the most impressive professional packing for your customers!

We sell high quality polystyrene foam and all kinds of packing materials. Check out our store or contact us for more details!


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