POLY FOAM BEADS (BEAN BAG REFILL) Balls Space Filler & Packing



Polystyrene Foam Beads Packing Space & Loose Filler


Gross weight : +1kg

Gross volume : +3.5 cubic feet

The ever fun and popular Poly Foam Beads are tiny, soft, fluffy, spongey and very light ball beads made of polystyrene foam. Poly Foam Beads are excellent for filling gaps and spaces in your packaging or carton boxes. They help to protect your items by restricting movement around in boxes and hence reduce impact damage. Also used as great space fillers in display bags, soft toys stuffings, containers & etc as they give a professional presentation of your products!

Another widely popular function for Poly Foam Beads is as the fluffy inner cushioning fillers for bean bags, neck cushions, small pillows & etc. Otherwise known as Bean Bag Refills, these poly foam beads acts as the filling material that makes bean bags so fun to sit on, cosy in, and played around with. Some like them full and packed while some prefer them less compact. Either way over time, these foam fillings eventually get squished & compressed like ayam penyet, slowly making the bean bag smaller & less compact the more you use them. Topping up your bean bag with Poly Foam Beads will fluff them up again. Be careful not to spill! They are super lightweight.

Ah, and not to forget you can also find them being used as snow decorations during Christmas or festive seasons, because they are so white, light and snowy looking!

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