PICKET SIGN for Display Campaign Protest or Support Signage


PICKET SIGN 20″ x 30″ Signage for Creative Display, Campaign, Protest or Support Events


Board Size : 20″ x 30″

Board Material : 5mm Corrugated Plastic Board

Holder Length : 3 feet

Holder Material : Paper Tubing


Just as art is a creative expression of yourself, signages are used to express your thoughts or messages. You can even use them to advertise your branding. This picket sign is made from thick corrugated plastic board, a lightweight yet sturdy material that is reusable. Write your text, message, drawings and etc with marker pens or print on a sticker of an artwork, logo or branding to be pasted upon the signage board.

The holder is made of sturdy cardboard paper tubing, making it lightweight and more environmentally friendly compared to wooden sticks. Paper tubing is also much safer to use and handle as they are free of wooden splinters and cannot be used in a dangerous manner like wooden or metal sticks/pipes.

Simple and fuss free, easy and ready to use. The signage and holder set comes unattached so you can write, draw, paste, design anything on your board first. After your signage is ready to be mounted on, peel off the double-sided tape from the holder’s top and stick it firmly onto the back of your signage. Remember to make sure sruface is clean and clear of dust so they can attach firmly. Just like that, they are ready to be displayed!

Show your artistic side, or even your cheeky side by coming up with unique, smart, funny, creative or attention-grabbing text or signs. Make your thoughts known and share your message to the people around you. Can be used in campaigning against social issues like child abuse, war or deforestation, or also to help voice your support for events like our local football team, school activities or carnival events. Unleash your imagination!

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