PACKING PEANUTS 14 cbf Plastic Foam Space Filler


PACKING PEANUTS 14 cubic feet Polystyrene Plastic Foam Space & Loose Filler

 Volumetric Size : 14 cubic feet

Popular foam peanuts for filling gaps and spaces in carton boxes, to protect your item from impact. Also excellent for professional presentation of your products!

How much is 14 cubic feet? If you can imagine a carton box with equal dimensions of 1′ x 1′ x 1′ that is 1 cubic feet, then you get a rough idea of how much space 14 cubic feet takes up. Or…..take a look at the funny prank video below to gauge the size of a standard bag of packing peanuts!

We sell high quality packing peanuts and all kinds of packing materials.


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