BUBBLE WRAP BAGS of Various Sizes for Plastic Packaging Protection Bag

Sizes :-

280mm x 200mm (No flaps)

380mm x 320mm (No flaps)

480mm x 380mm (No flaps)


Economical, easy-to-use, fun-to-pop, all-rounder protective material. The most popular! Protect your goods from damage, impact, scratches, even moisture and insect bites. Bubble wrap needs no introduction, it is a versatile, economic and good protective packing material!

These ISO-certified high quality Bubble Wrap Bags were made into bag form for fast convenient packaging of your items, without need to cut large bubble wrap sheets to pack them. Simple and easy to use, pack & bag your items in a neat, professional manner while preventing them from damage, scratches, dust, water & etc.


We sell high quality, ISO-certified, bubble wrap and all kinds of packing materials.

For custom size or bulk order, kindly contact us.


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