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United Sunshine!

We are a Malaysian company based in Petaling Jaya, Selangor where we sell all kinds of packing materials!

Packing materials are used all over the world for PROTECTING your goods/items from physical damage which can happen at any time when your goods are being transported or delivered. Many unforeseen factors such as :-

  • ROUGH unprofessional handling
  • bumpy rides due to reckless driving
  • scratches or tears
  • or just accidentally dropping it
can and will happen at any time. As a result, these annoying damages reduce the value of your goods as well as potentially the trust of your customers.

 Packing materials prevent and/or reduce these impacts on your goods. When properly wrapped, packing materials provide soft but tough cushioning PROTECTION to your goods, shielding them from the elements, scratches, impacts, damages, and even from dust or insects.

Imagine you are a soldier going into a war with the enemy. You would equip yourself with the full gear, bulletproof vest, combat helmet, combat boots (probably even a tank if possible!) to protect yourself from getting injured. Basically the better equipped you are, the higher your chances of surviving. While obviously this does not give you a 100% guranteed protection (should you be so lucky to get nuclear bombed) but still, you sure do not want to go into a battle without them!

The same goes for protecting your goods with packing materials.

Here at P.C. United Sunshine Sdn. Bhd. we sell all kinds of packing materials such as Bubble Wrap, PE Foam, Corrugated B-Flute, Stretch Film, Mic Pac, Carton Boxes, OPP Tape, Polystyrene Foam, Velcro Tape and etc. With these packing materials, your goods will be well equipped and packed to be protected from harm. You would have done all you could so leave the rest to God.

Don’t forget to warn the people who handle your goods to be careful too!

Feel free to browse through our website and view our packing materials photos.